Soulcalibur V has gone gold. Namco Bandai will release the game in North America on January 31st on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It’ll be available in regular and collector’s editions.


The collector’s edition of Soulcalibur V will include a music CD, “Making Of” video content, a hardcover art book and Dark Knight and White Knight downloadable armour sets for the game’s character creation mode. The package will come in a faux leather-bound replica of a book featured within the game.



There are retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses to sort through, too. GameStop and EB Games Canada will give away an Ivy Valentine Bobble Budd figure with all versions of the game. Gamestop in the U.S. will have the Ivy figure as well.


Meanwhile, Best Buy in both the U.S. and Canada will offer a free download code for Dampierre from Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.


Walmart U.S. stores will have their own pre-order bonus, too: an exclusive limited edition laser art-cell. Finally, Future Shop stores in Canada will have the art cell as well.


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