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Recently we had a chance to speak to Brain Glazebrook, the localization director who is taking care of Naruto Ultimate Ninja. In Japan the game is known as Naruto: Narutimett Hero and it is developed by CyberConnect2 who developed the .hack series. Unlike the “Clash of Ninja” series, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja is a 2D fighter that is sort of like Super Smash Brothers. Saying the game is like Super Smash Brothers Melee is an understatement since the game stands on its own. You can read our detailed impressions of the import game here, but we’ve got the scoop on what changes are going to be made for the North American audience. Let’s get the downside over with, there is not going to be a Japanese language track in the game.. Namco Bandai USA tried to get the voice actors in the game, but they weren’t able to. On the plus side they are going to keep all of the game’s unlockable items. There are hundreds of items to collect through a capsule toy machine like music tracks, character poses and trading cards that feature scenes from the anime series. Exclusive to the North American release are new characters not found in the original game. Namco Bandai confirmed that there are going to be two new characters, but they will not have separate story modes. They also mentioned that Iruka and Guy are partner characters only so we can rule those two out. Check below for speculation and some fresh Ultimate Ninja media.

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Spoiler Alert! In this article we spill the beans about Naruto Ultimate Ninja’s unlockable characters and talk about the plot of the series. Also, we are completely speculating about what characters might be in Naruto Ultimate Ninja. In no way are we saying any of these characters are in the upcoming game, they aren’t even rumored to be in the game. These are who we think are likely to be added into the cast of twelve.


First the original cast includes: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Shikamaru, Kakashi, Lee, Haku, Zabuza, Neji, Hinata, Gaara and Orichimaru. During the interview we got another hint that the character probably isn’t in Narutimett Hero 2. That eliminates the other genin. So who can these two mystery characters be? Judging from where the anime is in the USA there aren’t too many possibilities. Here are some of our guesses:


The proctor of the Chunin exam is a playable character in Naruto: Narutimett Hero 3. In the game she can use her shadow snake attack and has the forbidden double snake technique as an ouigi. Recently North American viewers got to see Anko Mitarashi in action when she battled with Orichimaru. Since Anko plays an important role in the series now there is a fair chance that Anko will be one of the secret characters. * The picture is from NH3.


The young grandson of the third Hokage is another playable character in Naruto: Narutimett Hero 3, which makes him another likely candidate to appear in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja. Unlike the other characters that throw kunai and shuriken, Konohamaru throws rocks that arc downwards. He also has his trademark sexy jutsu and a team attack with his buddies as his ougi. Konohamaru is sort of like Dan from the Street Fighter series. He is specifically designed as a “weaker” and comical character. When Konohamru runs he has road runner like stance where his feet turn into a white cloud. * The picture is from NH3.

Zaku / Dosu / Kin

The three sound ninja that terrorize squad seven have never been featured in any Naruto game as playable characters. Even though they weren’t created originally for Narutimett Hero, Orichimaru’s subordinates could make an appearance since they are main characters in the current story arc. Maybe fans will get to use Zaku’s air cutter or Dosu’s sound speaker in combat for the first time. Here’s hoping that one of the sound three make the game, but this is less likely since CyberConnect2 would have to design new characters from scratch.


Iruka might not have made the cut, but Mizuki, the first villain in Naruto, could make an appearance. Mizuki is more like a wild card than a likely pick since he was only seen in one episode and there aren’t many attacks CyberConnect2 could make for him as an in game character.

Anbu Kakashi

He was featured in Naruto: Narutimett Hero 2, but was vastly changed in Narutimett Hero 3. Unlike the sensei Kakashi, Anbu Kakashi carries a sword and has a different set of moves. He can do the dog summoning and a fast lighting edge with minimal chakra use. * The picture is from NH3.

We will have to wait until June 2006 to find out who Namco Bandai added in, but out of curiosity who do you guys want in the game?

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