A Spellbinding Magical Vacation English Fan Translation Has Been Released


2662screenshot1 Magical Vacation, the Game Boy Advance precursor to Magical Starsign, has received an English fan translation. A patch from magicalpatcher is immediately available on Romhacking.net. While there are some graphical issues, it offers a complete English translation for this Brownie Brown JRPG.


In Magical Vacation, players follow a child who’s able to see spirits. He (or she) is invited to join the Will-O-Wisp magical school. When the child and his or her classmates go to a camp by the sea over the summer, a monster called an Enigma abducts some of his or her friends. Players must then go to different plains via a magical bus to rescue their classmates. Along the way, they’ll also learn about a three-day war that happened in their kingdom.


To apply the patch to a Japanese copy of Magical Vacation and play it on a RetroN 5, download the patch and put it on the RetroN 5’s SD card. Put the Game Boy Advance cartridge in the system. Search for Patches under Game Menu when the game is in the system. It will automatically apply the patch to the game, so you can play in English.


Here is a Magical Vacation gameplay video from ShiryuGL with the fan translation patch applied. (You may want to mute the video, as an emulation bug has altered the sound.)


Magical Vacation was originally released on the Game Boy Advance in Japan in December 2001.

Jenni Lada
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