Spellspire Is An RPG That Will Weaponize Your Vocabulary

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The mage hero of Spellspire crafts spells by using available letters to make words, letting players weaponize their vocabularies and blast enemies with some clever spelling.



Spellspire gives players a set group of letters, and the larger the word the player can spell, the more damage that magic will do. As they kill enemies with big words, they’ll gain loot and gold, which can be put to work buying better wands and equipment to let the player hurt the enemies even more with their spells. Each piece of equipment will be seen on their cute wizard as well, allowing players to create a ridiculous spellcaster to tackle the game’s challenges with.


Players may not feel particularly afraid of the menagerie of enemies they’ll face, as the monsters are all created in an adorable art style that reflects the light, silly nature of killing things by spelling big words.




Spellspire is available now on iOS and Android, but will also release on Steam, PS4, and Vita on May 23, and Xbox One on May 26.

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