Spike Chunsoft’s Baby-Making RPG Conception Is Getting A New Anime In October 2018



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Spike Chunsoft first released Conception: Please Deliver My Child!! back in April 2012 on PSP and its sequel Conception II worldwide in 2014 for PS Vita. It is now getting an anime this October.


Here’s the announcement Tweet from the anime’s official account that was recently created:

Conception: Ore no Kodomo wo Undekure! released on the PSP back in April 2012. It revolves around charming girls from the “National Star God Academy” to produce “Star Children” for exploring dungeons and battling impurities. However, the baby-making system isn’t exactly what you might be thinking, as it is performed by pouring energy from protagonist Itsuki and one of the twelve Star Maidens into a device that produces the Star Children.


The game’s baby-making feature allowed for different combinations to create a variety of Star Children with different job classes and more.


The Conception: Please Deliver My Child!! anime will premier in Japan in October 2018.

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