Spirit Girls Go To War In Bullet Hell Shmup Jigoku Kisetsukan

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Emanuele Franceschini, an Italian guy living in England, has spent the past couple of years slowly putting together his own vertically scrolling bullet hell shmup called Jigoku Kisetsukan: Sense of the Seasons.


Conceptually, it has the flavor of Touhou Project and its ilk in that it features anime girls – spirits instead of shrine maidens, in this case – that go to war with each other in an astral plane to restore balance to the universe.


There are six playable girls in total, each of which play differently, with five stages to beat and four difficulty levels to master. Each of the characters also have their own story line to follow as well as a unique boss fight to beat.


The video you can see above shows only the character selection process and the game’s first stage. A new demo should be out in February.


Franceschini hopes to complete the game soon and, once it is finished, will be release it on PC for free. You can follow  development on Jigoku Kisetsukan at its IndieDB page.

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