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Spirit Hunter Series Sequel Shibito Magire Crowdfunding Begins In Japan Today


Earlier this month, Experience revealed that they will be doing a crowdfunding campaign on Japanese platform Campfire in order to help fund a third game in the Spirit Hunter series, which includes Spirit Hunter: Death Mark and Spirit Hunter: NG. As of today, the campaign is now live here, and has 52 days to reach a goal of 15 million yen (around $137,655 USD).

The story revolves around Konoehara Academy, which has gruesome, unexplainable incidents occur every 10 years that are said to be part of a curse. During late summer, the latest round of incidents occur, but the police aren’t able to find anything that could classify the deaths as anything more than accidents. Rumors swirl that this was the work of the dead, or spirits. In order to bring back peace to the academy, the principal hires the Kujo family, who are well-versed in these sort of affairs, to infiltrate the academy as an teacher, and find out what’s going on.

This is the first game in the series to have a side view perspective, and features the Tag Salvage system, where Kujo will work together with one of several partners of your choosing to find out more about the incident. Depending on who you choose as your partner, different aspects of the case could come to light.

There’s also the Suspensive Act system, where you’ll be pushed into dangerous situations, and have to make choices that could determine your fate. Depending on the action, who you have with you, and items you have on you, the percentages of success will flunctuate.


According to the Campfire page, the crowdfunding will partially fund the game, as well as extra DLC. It will also help fund promotion of the game, as well as the rewards for backers. Stretch goals include more event CGs and 50% more voicework at 20 million yen; a theme song, event CG changes to account for choices, and appearances of other characters from Death Mark at 25 million yen; and a series-wide collab extra DLC and a novelization of the game at 30 million yen.

Spirit Hunter: Shibito Magire is currently in crowdfunding at Campfire here. Unfortunately, like other Campfire projects, people living outside Japan are unable to participate. If successful, it will be developed for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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