Spirited Away No-Face Sensor Light Lantern Figure is Soothing

Spirited Away No-Face Sensor Light Lantern Figure is Soothing

There are certain iconic Studio Ghibli characters. Totoro is immediately recognizable, even if someone hasn’t seen My Neighbor Totoro. KiKi’s Delivery Service’s Jiji is familiar, if you know the film. The Soot Sprites (Susuwatari) show up in multiple films. Among these mascots is No-Face, the masked spirit from Spirited Away. It’s an innocent, impulsive, easily influenced presence, one who constantly appears throughout the movie. Now, there’s a No-Face figure with a sensor light that is equally charming, though best used as a night light.

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To start, the Spirited Away No-Face figure isn’t as heavy or substantial as other static figures. This is because of its dual-purpose nature as a decoration and functional light. It’s a lightweight plastic and stands at just over six inches tall. The lantern is a separate object that is held in place at the end of the character’s stick by two magnets. An on-off switch appears on the base. A weighted bottom would have been nice. Especially if you might decide to keep it on a desk, where it might be nudged, rather than a shelf where it won’t be touched.

The “motion sensor” noted in the description is in No-Face’s mouth. It is quite sensitive! As long as motion is directed within its range, say if you have it next to you on a desk while you are typing a review even if it isn’t directly facing you, the lantern’s light will glow. It isn’t an especially bright light. You won’t be able to read by it. Rather, it is better described as a warming glow.

What I especially liked about it is how there’s a certain level of authenticity with the lantern. I wonder if it is because of the magnetic connection and motion sensor combination. I noticed the No-Face lantern figure would flicker sometimes. I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but it offered a homey appeal. Like this really is the familiar character carrying a lantern with a flame inside.

The magnets are sufficiently strong too. The Spirited Away lantern immediately snapped into place, once I threaded it through the No-Face figure’s stick. If knocked over gently onto a desk, it stays in place. However, if it falls from a greater distance or more force is used, that lantern will 100% fly off and possibly get damaged.

In short, the No-Face lantern figure is a pleasant reminder of Spirited Away. It is a soothing sort of presence. I liked to turn it on my nightstand at night while I’d play games on my Switch before bed. It’d be calming enough to provide a little extra brightness, but wouldn’t be as jarring as having an actual light on while I played.

The No-Face lantern sensor light figure is available at the Bandai Namco shop. It costs $45. Spirited Away is streaming on HBO Max and can be purchased digitally.

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