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Spiritsphere DX Brings New Modes To Its Zelda/Tennis Arcade Play



Spiritsphere DX, a new and improved port of Spiritsphere for the Nintendo Switch, offers brand new modes that add onto the game’s mixture of Legend of Zelda and Tennis-like play.


Spiritsphere DX features the same sphere-bouncing play, where players knock a ball back and forth using the unique powers of a variety of magical characters in fantasy environments, but adds new modes onto it. Players can work through the game’s new Boss Mode, with two players acting as normal characters while a third controls one of the game’s powerful bosses. If a player doesn’t feel that they’re skilled enough, they can also play in the game’s Ghost Mode, which lets them freely float around and cause trouble during a match.

A target-breaking mode is also available for players who wish to test their aim. Should players not feel like detaching their Joy-Cons, they can play in the game’s Tate Mode, where players will keep them attached to the console and each play from one end of the Switch.


Spiritsphere DX is slated to release in Spring of 2018.

Alistair Wong
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