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Splatoon 2 Adds Four New Weapons And A New Rank X Season On June 1, 2018


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Rank X Players’ score in Splatoon 2 is measured monthly, and the Splatoon Twitter announced that this month’s Rank X cut-off time will be at 9am JST on June 1, 2018. Four new weapons are also set to be added to the game on the same date.


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The Custom Dualie Squelchers keep the mid-to-long range distance that the Dualie Squelchers have, but will come with Splat Bombs and the Ink Storm instead.


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The Rapid Blaster Pro Deco was also available in Splatoon on the Wii U. It has the longest range of all the Blasters, and comes with the Splash Wall and Ink Armor.


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The Undercover Sorella Brella adds a twist on the Undercover Brella with Splat Bombs and the Baller special.


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The Carbon Roller Deco is another returning weapon that mixes the speedy flicks of the Carbon Roller with the Burst Bomb sub-weapon and the new Autobomb Launcher special.


Splatoon 2 is available on Nintendo Switch. The Octo Expansion is expected to release on July 13, 2018 but an official release date has yet to be announced.

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