Splatoon 2 Gets Ready For The Age-Old Chocolate War In Japan For Its Next Splatfest

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If Nintendo ever sparks a civil war in Japan it would involve the nation’s age-old idiosyncratic chocolate snack debate between “Kinoko no Yama” and “Takenoko no Sato,” and that’s exactly what’s going down with the next Japanese Splatfest.



To give you a little background on it, Kinoko no Yama (Mushroom Mountain) and Takenoko no Sato (Bamboo Shoot Village) are basically two very similar products that fans take irrational stances over, often resulting in fierce debates over which is better.


Some say the mushroom-shaped Kinoko no Yama have a better cookie-to-chocolate ratio and chocolate that isn’t too sweet, while others from team Takenoko no Sato might argue that the bamboo shoot-shaped snacks are the true balance and that chocolate is meant to be sweet so why not?


Kinoko no Yama was first sold in 1975 and Takenoko no Sato in 1979 so it’s a debate that’s been raging on for close to four decades.



The first Splatoon actually had a Splatfest based on the Meiji snacks which ended in Takenoko no Sato winning the popularity vote 63% to 37%. Kinoko no Yama took the wins by 52% to 48%, but ended up losing to the Bamboo Shoot Village at the end by a score of 351 to 349.


Players in Japan will get to gear up and pick a side starting August 11, and get ready for the big chocolate snack showdown set to take place in the form of a Splatfest on August 18-19, 2018.


If you thought I was joking about the war thing, you can check the video below for a good idea:


Splatoon 2 is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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