Nintendo Switch

Splatoon 2’s New Special Weapon “Baller” Can Shield You And Blow Up Enemies



The good professors over at the Squid Laboratory shared a look at a new Special Weapon that is being introduced in Splatoon 2 with the “Baller” that can defend you and also hurt enemies.



The new Baller Special Weapon protects you from taking a certain amount of damage, allowing you to freely roll your way into the battlefield. You can hold down the ZR button to start filling up the ball with ink and once it fills up all the way it blows up, causing a big explosion in the area.


Splatoon 2 releases July 21, 2017 for Nintendo Switch. Its first Splatfest will be available through the demo on July 15 for everyone to try out. You can catch up on a bunch of additional game details from the recent Direct presentation in our earlier report.

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