Splatoon 2’s Pearl And Marina Will Help You Skip Through Levels In Octo Expansion

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Nintendo revealed during last week’s Direct that Splatoon 2 its first paid DLC with the Octo Expansion this summer. Here’s a look at some new screenshots and details from the game’s official Twitter account.




Meet “No. 100008” or “Agent 8,” the protagonist of the Octo Expansion. She lost her memories after a shock and doesn’t know who she is or what she’s doing in the underground. Joining her is Capt’n Cuttlefish as an ally who will help her find a way out.






The story takes place in a huge laboratory located underground. Everything from who and why it was made is shrouded in mystery. The area feels so closed off from the outside world as though time itself has stopped.



Pearl and Marina will check in on the radio to help out Agent 8, and we’ll also get new tracks from the duo, Off the Hook, in the expansion. A secret story of their organization might also be revealed.




In Octo Expansion there are over 80 tough missions to take on. However, those of you who aren’t too confident in taking on all the stages can request for help from Pearl and Marina to skip through stages and get right to the story.




Once you clear the Octo Expansion, you’ll get the choice to switch between an Octoling or Inkling. While playing as an Octoling in a match, there won’t be any differences in abilities, and they’ll also share equipment.


You can check here for a look at some more screenshots and here for the full details and trailer from the Direct.


Splatoon 2 is available on Nintendo Switch. The Octo Expansion is set to launch in Summer 2018 for $19.99.

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