Splatoon 3 Side Order DLC Gameplay Finally Revealed in New Trailer
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Splatoon 3 Side Order DLC Gameplay Finally Revealed in New Trailer

We’ve known the Splatoon 3 Side Order DLC is on the way for a while, but Nintendo didn’t share how the gameplay will exactly work for it. Now a new trailer goes over every element of this mode with roguelike elements. 

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When Side Order begins, the player’s avatar will head to the Spire of Order. A drone version of Pearl will be at their side. When players head in, they’ll choose a floor and go up one by one, choose their Color Chip enhancement when they do to determine abilities, and then will complete the objective for the area. So in the example shown, the seven floor could be an Easy difficulty Rolling.Floor, a Normal difficulty Escape-Artist.Floor, or a Hard Whirling-Shell.Floor. Each one had a chip tied to it, with the one shown being a Main Ink Coverage Color Chip that increased turf inking coverage by 67%. When on a floor, someone may need to defeat enemies, control turf, or destroy enemy portals. The over 60 Color Chips people get can be placed on their avatar palette to augment abilities. 

After the three minute mark, the roguelike element was further confirmed. The tower’s floors get more difficult as you climb. If you die, you have to completely restart completely fresh. Any Color Chips earned become Prlz. The Prlz currency could be spent on increasing features like the max number of lives a player has, reducing how much damage you take, or the Pearl Drone’s capabilities. 

Here’s the full Splatoon 3 DLC gameplay trailer:

Splatoon 3 is available for the Nintendo Switch, and the Side Order DLC will launch on February 22, 2024. 

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