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Splatoon 3 Voice Actors Revealed in New Music Performance Video

Splatoon 3 Voice Actors Music Performance

Nintendo released a behind the scenes video showing off the voice actor performances behind Splatoon 3’s music. The video features two songs by Deep Cut and one by Damp Socks ft. Off the Hook, all of which should be familiar to Splatoon 3 players. The video also finally reveals the voice actors for Shiver and Frye from Deep Cut, who have been a mystery since the game’s release. Shiver is voiced by Anna Sato while Frye is voiced by Laura Yokozawa. They are both singers working in Japan. The voice actor for the third member of the band, Big Man, is still unknown.

Here’s the new Splatoon 3 music video.

The video’s three songs are “Anarchy Rainbow,” “Fins in the Air,” and “Tentacle to the Metal”. “Anarchy Rainbow” plays in the plaza during Splatfests. “Fins in the Air” is one of the match tracks during a Splatfest. “Tentacle to the Metal,” the only song in the video not performed by Deep Cut, is a standard match track heard in normal Splatoon 3 gameplay.

It’s not the first time Nintendo released behind the scenes footage of Splatoon’s music. Past games have shown off these performances, and Splatoon 3 has previously seen behind the scenes footage of C-Side’s “Clickbait”. Nintendo’s celebration of Splatoon’s music has also seen concerts, such as the joint Animal Crossing and Splatoon concert that happened in October.

Splatoon 3 is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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