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Splatoon Developers Share More Details On Gameplay And The Story Mode



Splatoon is the game that Nintendo is using to take on the competitive shooter genre, except instead of soldiers and bullets, you play as ink-shooting squid-people. Here’s a summary of everything shared on the game’s recently opened official Twitter account, thus far.



First, is a look at the control scheme, brought to you by the “Squid Research Laboratory”. Here’s what it says:


ZL – Squid (dive into the ink

L stick – Move

R – Bomb (uses 70% of your ink)

ZR – Ink Shot (uses ink)

R stick – Look left and right

X – Jump

Y – Camera Reset


You can also press the squid icon on the screen to jump towards your allies, and move the GamePad to take aim.



The next image is a look at how to use the GamePad to properly control your aim. As the image shows, you won’t need to move the GamePad too much just to get a clear view of above.




The R button is actually used for “sub-weapons,” and while it seems to consist mainly of bombs, there’s a variety of them. The above image shows the “Splash Bomb” which not only can be used as a direct attack, but it also has tactical uses such as finding hidden enemies.



The above image shows another example of what else you can do when your character is in its squid form, which allows them to travel inside their ink. Not only does it allow them to travel at a faster speed, but it also allows the squids to climb up walls.



However, keep in mind that if you happen to be on the ink of the opposing color, your movement will slow down, and you won’t be able to go into squid mode.


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The mysterious, squid will guide you in Hero Mode. He seems to know about the Octopus Corps’ activities, while the others don’t seem to know what’s going on as the squids live peaceful lives. The weapon on the right also seems to be a mysterious weapon that also appears in Hero Mode.



This guy’s name is the “Battery Catfish”. The world of Splatoon runs off its energy, and it’ll be up to you to retrieve it after it got stolen by the Octopus Corps.



Finally, here’s a look at the sponge block that can be seen in Hero Mode. This block swells up when hit by squid ink and shrinks with octopus ink. It seems as though the Octopus Corps is quite familiar with biotechnology…


Splatoon is slated for release sometime during Q2 of 2015 for Wii U.

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