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Tips For Ruling Splatoon’s Camp Triggerfish


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One of the trickiest maps in Splatoon has arrived. Camp Triggerfish isn’t for new recruits. You better have gone through basic training if you want to succeed here. Don’t worry, though, because I’m here to help.


Splatoon‘s Camp Triggerfish looks like a rickety mess. There are grates everywhere. The “safest” path puts you right in the line of enemy fire. The roundabout routes will get you into enemy territory, but involve walking over grates above water hazards.


The “camp” part of the name is appropriate, because this is a map that encourages camping. A Charger is the best pick for Camp Triggerfish. I like the Kelp Splat Charger and Classic Squiffer, but it’s all up to personal preferences. If you want to pick people off while coating your area, stay near “island” close to the spawn point or take the scenic side-route along the grating to park near the opposing area. You’ll be all set.


If you aren’t a Chargers fan, then there’s one other option for this Splatoon map. A Shooter could work for you. Forget about Rollers or Brushes, as neither are welcome here. (They’re wastes of ink.) People feeling lucky can make a push up the center route with a Splattershot Pro, Jet Squelcher, or .96 Gal and hope for the best. Don’t go in with anything that doesn’t have decent range, because you want to try and hit your enemies before they find you. Even the 96. Gal is pushing it, but its Sprinkler and Echolocator will prove helpful for Camp Triggerfish.


camp triggerfish 2
With Turf War, you want to avoid a drawn-out battle at Camp Triggerfish. During the last minute of the map, floodgates will open. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean all your Squid Kids will drown. It gives teams an opportunity to quickly get to the opposing side and flood the fields with ink.


Time is of the essence, so keeping two people on the platform and two running interference is key during Tower Control. There’s no good parallel route for the guards to run along and provide cover, so act like the tower is Yorda and you’re Ico.


There are only two Splat Zones on the wooden walkways, making it slightly less challenging in that type of Turf War. It’s fairly easy to identify the spot and reach it, so it’s a matter of making sure you came in with the right weapon, which we went over earlier, and sticking to the spot.


Hopefully, this helps you handle Splatoon‘s Camp Triggerfish. Remember, don’t turn into a squid on any of the grates, or you could find yourself going for an unwelcome swim.

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