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Splatoon’s Final Splatfest Features The Squid Sisters, Callie And Marie



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Nintendo has announced that, after a total of 15 different Splatfests in Splatoon, the final Splatfest will be taking place towards the end of July. This time, players will have to make the difficult decision of choosing which of the two Squid Sisters are their favorite. For this final Splatfest, players in Japan will only be matched with fellow Japanese players, while those in North America and Europe will be matched with each other as they battle to represent either Team Callie or Team Marie.


Also, players will be able to vote for the stages used in the Splatfest, with emails sent to Splatoon players via Nintendo Network IDs. The vote for stages will end on Tuesday, July 12th.


The final Splatfest will take place at 2 AM PT on Friday, July 22nd, until 2 AM PT on Sunday, July 24th. Voting will begin on Monday, July 4th, at 7 PM PT.


Splatoon is available for the Wii U.

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