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Splatoon’s Manga Gets A Fresh New Animation, Check Out Its First Episode



The Splatoon manga from CoroCoro Comic just got a fresh new animated manga series, and its first episode is available on YouTube. Watch Blue Team’s fight against a tough opponent in the first episode.



The main characters are the members of “Blue Team.” It consists of the hot-headed happy-go-lucky Goggle-kun, the always-cheerful Knit Cap-chan, and a duo of tsukkomi characters with Megane-kun and Headphone-chan. The group of friends enter a tournament called “CoroCoro Cup” that decides on the best Turf War team.


When the crew arrives at the venue, they hear folks talking about them, which makes them feel nice and famous for a short moment, only to find out they were being called “famous idiots.” The real stars show up when “Yellow-Green Team” makes an entrance, featuring a top-class S+ rank player by the name “Rider” as the leader.


Rider doesn’t like teaming up with other players, but decided to form a team for the sake of entering the tournament. However, out of nowhere, Goggle-kun decides to pull Rider’s pants down, angering the top-class player after exclaiming “we won’t know until we try!”


“Now we’re in for it!”

“We’d lose in an instant if we run into them in the first round!”

“But there’s no way that would happen, right?” [laughs].


You guessed it, their first round opponent is none other than Yellow-Green Team and the mighty Rider. The crew was intimidated at first but Goggle-kun boosts morale by telling his friends that everything will be fine as long as they do their best as usual. Unlike the Blue Team approach, Rider tells his own team that he’ll carry them to victory as long as they do exactly as he says.


The battle starts out with an overwhelming lead for Yellow-Green Team after an early triple kill from Rider and their coordinated special attacks, but just as the Yellow-Green leader starts going on about how you only need a strong player to win and why team work is useless, Goggle-kun appears after somehow surviving a triple special attack, catching Rider pants-down (literally), and turns the tide of battle when the leader-less team was unable to respond.


Rider was a bit of a jerk early on, but in the end he was a good sport about the loss—well, only as long as Blue Team doesn’t lose to anyone else for the rest of the tourney.


Splatoon 2 is available on the Nintendo Switch.