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Okay this isn’t so much as a spoiler as a general rant about the game.  Without going into spoilerland, the first half of the game was really good at building up suspense. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened. Then all of a sudden, it crapped out.  It’s like they switched writers halfway through game and the new writers had no idea what direction to take the rest of the game.

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All you need to know about this game is that there’s a girl named Jade, known as the Indigo child, who has a pure heart and soul.  There are opposite sides who want Jade, since she’s the secret to life or whatever.  There is the Orange clan, who run Earth behind the scenes, like some secret Illuminati cult, and the Purple clan who are made up of Artificial Inteligences (don’t ask, I’m confused too).  These two clans both want control of Jade, which will make them powerful and immortal and pretty much rule Earth.  Then there are the Invisibles who disguise themselves as homeless people, who monitors other clans and makes sure the Indigo Child is safe.  There’s more than one ending, but basically, Lucas, our protagonist ends up saving the world by making sure the Indigo Child doesn’t fall into the wrong hands and gets lucky with a female cop, Carla, in the process.


The main problem I have with the game is that about 2/3 of the way into the game, Lucas dies and is brought back to life as an AI zombie.  This isn’t really a big deal, but after, he scores with Carla, which is both disturbing and disgusting.  Doesn’t she realize that she’s practically sleeping with a corpse?  I know that when the end of the world is near and all, people throw all morals out the window, but seriously, shacking up in the back of a broken down train car?  That scene seemed to be stuck in there just for gratuitous sex purposes!


Then there’s the whole Matrix-type scenes where Lucas suddenly is a martial arts master?  That was laughable.


It seemed like the writers tried to fit too many things into the last part of the game as a way of explanation but by doing so, made the plot ridiculous.  Mayan sacrificial stories I can understand. Government conspiracies I can understand. Aliens I can even understand. But all three? That’s pushing it.


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