How To Spot A Fire Emblem Fates Hacker

You don’t ordinarily see hacking and cheating in Nintendo 3DS games, simply because it can be rather difficult to do. Certain games are exceptions, and Fire Emblem Fates is among them. People are modifying their save files via various methods to make sure they have characters that are stronger, different, or have more appealing skills than ordinary folks. Why? It’s all in the name of My Castle superiority.

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The most common issue in Fire Emblem Fates right now is adding impossible skills to characters. There are a number of people rising through the ranks of popularity by putting together My Castles that offer easy-to-earn skills if you visit and attempt to seize the place. In these castles, you’ll find people with skills they could never know without save alteration.


fire emblem fates cheatingThe two most common skills offered in these My Castles are Aptitude and Draconic Hex. These tied to certain first generation characters in Fire Emblem Fates, due to class restrictions and their unique nature. Mozu is the only characters who should be able to know Aptitude, which increases the odds of all skills increasing at level up by 10%, due to her unique Villager class. No one else can access that class. Draconic Hex is only for the avatar, Corrin. The only other characters who could legitimately have those abilities are their children. Even one of Corrin’s sons or daughters that isn’t Kana, say Midori, can get Draconic Hex by reclassing to a Nohr Noble. Originally, an exact My Castle address for a castle that has had these improbably skill sets was included in this article as easy example for people to visit. It has since been removed, and I apologize. No ill intents . People wanting to see skills with characters that can normally not be earned will have to search under Battle Ranked My Castles for one with "skills" in the title.


What kind of effect does this have on someone who visits, battles, and earns one of these skills as a reward? Well, it seems like none. To test this out, I battled one of these hackers and added Aptitude to my Leo. He still plays as normal in the game, albeit with better stat increases when that skill was equipped, and I was still able to use him as a unit in My Castle. However, there’s no way to delete skills from a character, so it’s a permanent mark on his “honor” in my game.


IMG_2762 The other kind of cheating happening in Fire Emblem Fates also involves save file tweaking and Fire Emblem If saves. You can already see people with Anna on their teams or in their bases, or they might even have Ballista and Witch class characters on their roster when you fight. Anna will not be available legitimately until April 7, 2016, when her DLC is released. The Witch class arrives as DLC on April 21, 2016.


Should you encounter one of these people, it’s best to not bother going for a castle seize for a chance to recruit a character or earn skills. I visited two of these hacked My Castles last night. In both cases, I was able to go through the battle just fine, but wasn’t able to purchase a skill or recruit a unit after I won. Fire Emblem Fates wouldn’t even allow me to look at the skill lists of characters from these My Castles. It’s best to look at these bases and their characters, but not actually put any effort into interacting with them.


Fire Emblem Fates is immediately available for the Nintendo 3DS. If you’d like to see Siliconera’s castle you can find it at 01720-47948-56162-86246.

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