A Sprite’s Trick Will Have You Running A Store In Al Fine

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After being tricked by a sprite, Louis finds himself running a store out of his house in Al Fine, a shopkeeping game where players will have to keep the shelves stocked and their customers happy.




Humans, Kindred, and Sprites co-exist in this world, and commerce is what brings them all together. As such, players will want to seek out tips for hot commodities around town, buy up anything they can find that’s well-priced, and then sell them for a profit on their own store shelves. If they want unique items, it will be worthwhile to hire an adventurer to go find loot in nearby dungeons.


Weather and time of day can affect how many customers will come into the store at a given time. Players can combat this somewhat by decorating their shop in a pleasing manner, which will convince more customers to arrive to balance that out.




Al Fine features some adventure elements and storytelling through its cast of characters, giving Louis several different people to meet while running his store.


Al Fine is available now on Steam.

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