Spy x Family Uniqlo Shirts Capture the Series’ Personality

Spy x Family Uniqlo Shirts Capture the Series’ Personality

Spy x Family is the kind of series that is recognizable on sight. Part of this is because some of the characters really stand out. While Loid Forger is a little more subdued, Anya and even Yor are noticeable at a glance. The latest line of Uniqlo Spy x Family shirts tends to play on that by incorporating the same sort of dynamic character designs and expressiveness as the anime and manga itself.

To start, all of the Spy x Family shirts follow the same sort of quality levels as typical Uniqlo items. So if you purchased, say, one of the Final Fantasy 35th anniversary shirts, expect it to be about the same softness and weight. It’s 100% cotton, so it breathes. I did notice it is a little stiff the first time I wore it, but after the initial wash and first outing, it is quite a comfortable shirt.

I also really like the quality of the printing on the designs. The smaller or more focused ones really look amazing. For example, design no. 2 with Bond on the pocket looks great. It’s minimalistic, and Bond’s face is well recreated. Though the best example of a fantastic design and print job involves the “I like peanuts I hate carrots” Anya shirt. The lettering is crisp. It’s perfectly centered. Most importantly, each of her four facial expressions is captured exactly, so you get the precise details and capture the novelty of the situation. Both of these designs get what is special about these Spy x Family characters. Their personalities come through. At the same time, there’s a universal brightness and joy to them that means even if someone doesn’t recognize the reference, each one is still delightful.

It’s probably also why the no. 4 design with both Bond and Anya works so well. It features side profiles of each character. Bond is as stoic as ever, while Anya is her cheerful self. The design is crisp, with the white outline of the series’ logo over their images. Their names are at the bottom as Bond x Anya, to reference the Spy x Family connection. Plus, the nature of the design draws your eye and keeps it focused on the duo. The downside here is, due to the color of Bond’s coat and background, it is pretty much impossible to see the S, P, F, A, and M in Spy x Family printed across the pictures.

It’s that same sort of design direction that keeps the no. 3 Spy x Family Uniqlo shirt with the full Forger family on it from being perfect. This is a very busy design that references the opening of the anime adaptation. There’s a television set with the series’ logo beneath it. Yor, Anya, and Loid appear on the screen, with S, P, and Y letters behind them. The issue is the design means the Anya portion of the image doesn’t stand out in the same way as Yor’s or Loid’s. Her pink hair blends into the pink background behind the P. Also, because of the font choice, the center letter looks like an O, rather than a P. So it seems like it is spelling out “soy” instead of “spy.” It is still a great shirt and a generally good idea. Just the final implementation kept it from perfection.

In general, the latest Spy x Family Uniqlo shirts feature some fantastic designs that highlight important characters. Each one keeps both their personality and the general ambiance and art direction of the anime adaptation intact. Some are a bit more pleasing to the eye and well-executed than others. But overall, they’re all winners.

The latest Spy x Family Uniqlo shirts debuted in November 2022. They are available on the official site in child sizes 7-8Y through 13Y and adult sizes XXS through XXXL. The adult shirts are $24.90, while the children’s styles are $14.90. The anime can be found streaming on Crunchyroll, while the manga is being localized by Viz Media.

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