Square Enix Also Betting on New IP Dragon Sky

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Dragon Sky is another new real-time strategy IP coming from Square Enix that’s hoping to lure people in with nice illustrations and simple-but-engaging gameplay for their smartphones.


The game stars you, a dude who’s just been summoned to the world of Dragon Sky by the dark dragon Agus, and now wants to remember just what the hell happened and get back to the real world during the story missions. Along the way, you’ll meet other similarly summoned folk who you might team up with or throw down against.



It kinda looks like Clash of Clans at first, what with the ability to build up a base and then take on foes, but we’re not entirely sure if that’s exactly how it plays yet so hold your horses. There are, after all, character cards to collect to represent your troops—and they’ll range over 10 different species such as mermaids and the like who represent characters in the game. As mentioned, you’ll also be able to take down enemy bases and even raid bosses.


Dragon Sky is coming for the iOS and Android.





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