Square Enix Announces FFVII Digital Card Collection with NFTs

FFVII Digital Card Collection

Square Enix announced the release of Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Art Museum Digital Card Plus, a physical and digital trading card collection with characters, scenes, and artwork of FFVII. The collection is made out of 207 cards. Each pack contains 6 cards and one collectible NFT card. Each pack costs 440 JPY (roughly $3 USD), and the release date for the collection is stated as late March 2023. A box of 20 physical card packs is available for pre-order from the North American and European Square Enix online stores, from roughly $79.80USD/79.99Euro.

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The 207 cards in the FFVII Anniversary Art Museum Digital Card Plus collection are divided between 102 normal cards, with another 102 being premium foil versions of the same cards. 3 cards from each normal and premium cards have also been described as “another normal” cards. In addition, the collection includes 3 secret cards. Each FFVII card pack includes an exchange ticket for an NFT.

You can take a look at some of the cards included in the collection in the gallery below.

Current Square Enix president, Yosuke Matsuda, was one of the people responsible for the current company’s push of NFT and blockchain-related projects. However, it was recently announced that he will be replaced in June 2023.

The Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Art Museum Digital Card Plus collection is coming out in late March 2023. Each pack costs 440 JPY (~$3 USD,) and it includes 6 physical cards and a collectible NFT card.

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