Square Enix Pledges $250,000 and Employee Donation Matches to Black Lives Matter

square enix black lives matter

As protests break out across the nation (and world) over the recent death of George Floyd and other examples of police brutality, social media has been alight with efforts to fund the folks directly involved and affected. This includes a number of statements from various companies, including several in the video game industry. Square Enix is one such company, which has released not only a statement in support of the black community, but a direct financial pledge for the Black Lives Matter organization.

The Square Enix Black Lives Matter statement, if you can’t see it in the embedded tweet, reads as follows:

Everyone at Square Enix’s offices and studios across the globe stands with our Black community in the fight against racism, prejudice, and hate. We are pledging $250,000 and will match employee donations to support the Black Lives Matter organization and other charities, in the effort to help combat racial injustice and positively affect change in the world.”

This message was part of June 2, 2020’s Blackout Tuesday, a movement involving many platform-adjacent accounts to suspend or minimize normal activity in favor of signal-boosting black voices during the protests and elevating organization and other supportive efforts. Square Enix also did that, following-up the pledge with a list of organization links.

Lucas White
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