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Square Enix To Celebrate Final Fantasy Legend 25th Anniversary With New Announcement


We haven’t heard much from SaGa (AKA Final Fantasy Legend) and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles creator Akitoshi Kawazu, but he recently spoke to 4Gamer during their end-of-year developer talks, and revealed that Square Enix be making a new SaGa announcement in 2014, to commemorate the series’ 25th anniversary.


First, 4Gamer asks Kawazu about his impressions of the year 2013 in terms of entertainment.


“Most people would probably go with Naoki Hanzawa1 and Amachan2, but personally, I was most impressed by how smoothly Monster Hunter [4] sold,” says Kawazu. “I felt that Monster Hunter showed me the true powers of the Nintendo 3DS.”


“I was also impressed by the idea of having a game system within smart devices,” he continues. “I believe that it’s safe to say that devices with enjoyable content will always stand out.”


Finally, 4Gamer asks him to share a message to the readers, as we head into the year 2014.


“December of 2014 will be 25 years since the birth of the SaGa series,” says Kawazu. “With that in mind, we’re making various preparations.”


He adds, “As far as a concrete announcement goes, we’ll work on a well-timed announcement, so I believe you can look forward to that. Thank you for your ongoing support for SaGa.”


The last SaGa game that Square Enix released on consoles was a remake of SaGa 3 for the Nintendo DS in 2011. Given Kawazu’s past creations and his comments above, perhaps we can expect to see a Nintendo 3DS title in the not-too-distant future.


1. A popular banker who works for Japan’s largest bank, Tokyo Chuo Bank, with a TV series depicting the numerous obstacles from his upper management while climbing the ranks.


2. A TV drama about a young girl who tries to become an idol in Tokyo, along with her efforts to help revitalize the Tohoku region from its disaster after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
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