Square-Enix Changed its Business Model [UPDATE]


[UPDATE: Thanks to Siliconera user jeffx, Joystiq has learned that this story, which was also posted on their site, was taken from a very obvious satirical post on this video game website. I admit it. Siliconera, Joystiq, and any other blogging video game site that posted this story just got Punk’d.]

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In before someone says, "OMG FFVII PS3 REMAKE CONFIRMED!"


According to the latest blog post on PSU, Square-Enix Japan revealed on its official website Wednesday night that with the success of their latest Final Fantasy DS and GBA remakes comes a new change in their business model. Translation: Square-Enix will now be focusing on entering the remake world of video gaming and bringing some of their Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest (maybe), along with some other classic Square and Enix titles (big maybe), in remake glory to unnamed consoles and handhelds and maybe even cellphones. This, apparently, will keep Square-Enix satisfied as we all love a good remake. Right?


Should Square-Enix really change its business model and actually plan on venturing into the remake world, I think this could really give some people who missed out on great Square and Enix games the chance to play some of their missed/unknown gems. I call for a remake of Illusion of Gaia.

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