Why Square Enix Chose ryo To Be Bravely Second’s Composer

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Bravely Second will have several new writers handling its story, but the other big staff change is the change of composer from Revo to Supercell’s ryo. In this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, producer Tomoya Asano and ryo talk about how this came to be.


As previously reported, the change in composers happened due to scheduling issues, although it sounds like the development team turned this to their advantage.


“Similar to the way we decided to use Revo in the previous game, we decided that we wanted someone who can make music with melodies that stand out,” explains Asano.


He continues, “BGMs in recent games are matched with realistic graphics, and they have a sense of realism to go with them. I consider myself more of an old-school gamer, though, so I prefer BGMs that you can hum out, kind of like the ones back in the day. With that in mind, we decided to ask ryo for help.”


Famitsu asks ryo to share his thoughts upon receiving the request to compose Bravely Second’s music.


“I often get requests for vocal-related things, but when I heard that it was for game music, honestly, I thought, ‘Why me?’” responds ryo with a laugh. However, ryo says, it’s a genre he’s wanted to work on more, since he already handles one or two anime or drama BGMs every year.


Next, Famitsu ask ryo if he knew anything about the first game, Bravely Default.


“Actually, I bought the game on its release date, and played it. I even beat it,” ryo replies.


Asano adds, “When I first met him, he told me ‘I beat it’ and to top it off, he even maxed out at level 99. I was surprised!”


Since he’s already a fan of the series, Famitsu asks if that means ryo will be able to capture the mood of Bravely Second with ease.


“That’s right. I’ll be making the music while thinking about how I’d like it as a player,” says ryo. “For example, when you sleep at an inn and the music goes along with the screen getting darker, I’d like to make that part twice as short.”


He continues, “I don’t think of music as work, but when I do, it never feels like work. I do indeed get a list of music that they want, but in the end, it’s all so fun that I make songs that aren’t even on the list, and hand them over. If they don’t like it, it’s okay if they don’t use it. That’s basically how I’m making the music.”


Bravely Second is currently in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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