Best Square Enix Games on the PS5

Square Enix Games You Should Play on the PS5

Every week at Siliconera, we’ve been putting together groups of games you should check out on different platforms. Typically, we try to suggest games beyond the series a company is “best” known for on a particular console. You know, expand horizons a bit. However, when it comes to the PS5, things get a little more difficult! That’s because it hasn’t been out for as long and people really do need to consider games from Final Fantasy and other series when making decisions. So, here’s a general list of Square Enix PS5 games we’d consider among the company’s best and recommend looking up if you’re looking for something to play.

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Best Square Enix Games on the PS5

Best Square Enix Multiplayer Game on the PS5: Final Fantasy XIV

It’s FFXIV. Even if Square Enix releases 100 other multiplayer games or ones with cooperative and competitive elements, nothing will beat the thrill of working alongside allies in a raid or facing off in something like Crystalline Conflict. As much as I love the Itadaki Street/Fortune Street series, even those can’t compare to this MMORPG.

final fantasy vii remake rebirth

Best Square Enix Final Fantasy Game on the PS5: Final Fantasy VII Remake

Okay, this is both debatable and in flux. FFXIV is incredible, so it could be in this spot too if you prefer MMORPGs! Also, FFXVI and FFVII Rebirth are heading to the PS5 this year. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is also a pretty interesting, Soulslike experience.

But FFVII Remake is solid, experimental, and has the fun Yuffie Intermission add-on, so let’s go ahead and suggest it as the one you’d give a chance for this section for now!

Star Ocean: The Divine Force to Appear at Star Ocean Program

Best Square Enix Action-RPG on the PS5: Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Star Ocean games can be hit or miss! The second and third ones are amazing, but the fourth was only okay and the fifth was downright painful at times. Star Ocean: The Divine Force restored faith in fans by being a return to form for the series. It’s a solid installment with enjoyable battles, traveling that feels good when flying through areas, and qualities that make it feel more like the first three games.

tactics ogre reborn

Best Square Enix Strategy Game on the PS5: Tactics Ogre: Reborn

The explanation for this one doesn’t need to be long. Tactics Ogre was amazing when it appeared on the Super Famicom. It was fantastic on the Sega Saturn and PlayStation. It remained amazing when it got ported to the PSP. So of course Tactics Ogre: Reborn is still wonderful.

life is strange: true colors alex chen

Best Square Enix Adventure Game on the PS5: Life is Strange: True Colors

The Life is Strange games are generally thoughtful, emotional experiences, and True Colors is no exception. It’s a little shorter than its counterparts and doesn’t have as many grand decisions as the original game and sequel, but Alex Chen’s story is still worth experiencing.

Best Square Enix Games on the PS5 Guardians Galaxy

Best Square Enix Game Based on a Marvel Property on the PS5: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a surprisingly solid take on the series! The characterizations are correct. It does offer quite a bit of player-choice when it comes to decisions and guiding missions. It also gets the general ambiance of the movies and comic, especially with a Rick Roll popping up. It’s a shockingly good time.

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