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Square Enix Adding More People to Fight FFXIV RMT Activity

Square Enix Hiring More People to Fight Final Fantasy XIV RMT Activity

Square Enix took to the official FFXIV website to go over measures it will take to fight RMT (real money trading) activity in the MMORPG. Most notably, it mentioned that it will put more employees in charge of monitoring and taking action against these kinds of actions, which are illegal and can result in bans.

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In the announcement, Square Enix specified three actions it will take to help decrease FFXIV RMT activity. The first involved staffing up, to ensure more people are on hand to address issues. It also mentioned that new procedures will be put in place and tools updated. However, it didn’t mention what these new actions could look like or involve or details how tool improvements will aid in catching players who engage in these acts.

The additional staff could be put toward things like assisting in sifting reports. Part of the measures Square Enix uses to identify and halt RMT activity in FFXIV involves user reports. People who see other players advertising RMT are able to be reported both in chat or in the system menu. In chat, there is automatically a “report RMT activity” option if you select someone’s avatar name under “report.” If you didn’t catch things in the chat, but did still witness illegal activity, that can be reported at the Support Desk under the “report cheating” category.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC. The FFXIV All Saints’ Wake Halloween event is running in-game until November 1, 2022, and themed cosmetic items are on sale until November 17, 2022.

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