Artnia, the Square Enix cafe where you can drink alcoholic materia and chocobo lattes, is becoming the place to go to for Square Enix fans. They had a Final Fantasy VIII art exhibit in April and starting this week, there’s a Vagrant Story art showcase.



You can get Vagrant Story drinks too. Riskbreaker (left) is said to be a refreshing drink with soda, mint, and a sweet & sour base. The non-alcoholic cocktail is made from cranberry juice, lemon, mint, soda, and grenadine syrup. LeĆ” Monde (right) is an alcoholic beverage made with cassis, white wine, grenadine syrup, soda, lemon, and mint.


art2 art3


If you’re in Tokyo, Artnia is just a subway train away located in Shinjuku’s Eastside Square building.

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