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Square Enix Launches Official FFXIV TikTok Account

ffxiv tiktok

Square Enix made an official TikTok account for FFXIV. As of the time of writing, it is not following any other accounts and it has around 1,500 followers. There is only one video thus far, and it is of a Chocobo shuffling to the Eorzean version of the Chocobo theme song.

According to the Twitter announcement, the FFXIV Twitter account is for posting unique FFXIV videos, as well as news. The Twitter account will remain the main hub of information though. It is unknown if there will be news exclusive to the TikTok account, as well as how it will deliver them. Other brands that have embraced TikTok tend to use memes and current trends to remain relevant in the algorithm.

Because of the popularity of FFXIV, it is a game people may see often on TikTok. There are TikToks in which players use their Warriors of Light to enact skits. Some other users create edits of scenes or characters from the game. That it is separate from Square Enix’s official TikTok is likely due to FFXIV having enough content to sustain its own entire account. Users will also be able to use FFXIV music for their own TikToks. According to Square Enix’s rules and guidelines, you can only use them on the TikTok platform. As well, like most other copyrighted sounds on the app, only a minute of the track is available for you to use.

FFXIV is readily available on the PS4, PS5, and Windows PC.

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