Square Enix Have Plans To Announce Several New Games In The Near Future



Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda recently revealed that they will announce a brand new RPG in December, which will be for consoles and not a remake. He shares a little more about the near future of the company and other announcements in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.


Famitsu begins by mentioning that Square Enix have been working on Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy remakes and smartphone games as of late, and ask if we’ll see any action from other IPs from Square Enix.


“Actually, we’re currently working on that,” Matsuda replies. He also adds that this upcoming project is a console (or portable—it isn’t specified) game, when Famitsu presses for more details.


While the Square Enix president wouldn’t reveal much about the game’s title, he shares that it’s an “RPG-type” game, and also says that it’s for consoles and is not a remake.


In fact, according to Matsuda, Square Enix will have several games they’ll announce soon, not limited to just consoles, but also for handhelds, smartphone, and PC, in addition to titles that are in development overseas.


“I believe we’ll be able to sequentially announce various types of games after the New Year as well,” adds Matsuda.


When asked whether Square Enix have enough development resources for all the games they have planned for announcement, Matsuda says that for the projects that don’t have enough resources with their internal developers, they’ll get help from outside studios and other partners as far as development goes.


Famitsu points out that everything from triple-A titles to indie games, arcades, PC, browser, smartphone, and games on the cloud are all things Square Enix have been working on. Not many other publishers are handling that many games.


“And there’s a chance that a new blockbuster hit could be born from all that,” says Matsuda. “How to excavate the next IP, and talent, is a crucial factor.”


Finally, Matsuda says that he understands that some titles may take a while from the starting plans to the announcement, and then the release, which is something that can’t always be helped; however, for now he hopes fans will look forward to the new title that will be announced in December.

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