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Square Enix Plans to Release a Final Fantasy XVI Demo

Final Fantasy XVI Demo

Final Fantasy XVI Producer Naoki Yoshida revealed that Square Enix plans to distribute a demo for the upcoming game sometime in the future. When asked about future developments of the game, Yoshida stated that more information about it will appear close to the end of 2022. This is where he mentioned the prospect of a trial version appearing. The reason being that the team would like to keep the momentum of the upcoming release going. [Thanks, Dengeki!]

Here is a translation of an excerpt from the Dengeki interview:

If information about the game is released too early, it won’t carry that same kind of excitement so we plan on sharing the information about three months before it releases. We also plan to have a Final Fantasy XVI demo available, but we want to do so with that momentum.”

This means that a demo is on the horizon, but it will appear closer to when Square Enix will reveal a more concrete release date for Final Fantasy XVI. Right now, the game is slated for a Summer 2023 release, which was shared through a trailer. A more finite release date will be announced sometime in 2022.

Final Fantasy XVI will release in Summer 2023.

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