Square Enix Once Promised Final Fantasy VII, VIII And IX Remakes


Square Enix once promised a remake not only for Final Fantasy VII but for VIII and IX as well.


Yes, you read those two articles right. Way back, once upon a time, Square Enix promised a full on updated remake of Final Fantasies VII – IX, that would have been completely done up with graphical and audio enhancements that befit the PlayStation 2 system it would have graced. We imagine it being akin to the Nintendo DS versions of Final Fantasy III and IV, which were given a complete visual overhaul.


Unfortunately, these never came to be and Square Enix haven’t mentioned them again since. Still, the news isn’t all bad. We do have Final Fantasy VII on Steam, complete with the ability to mod it, which fixes many, though not all past concerns.


We’re also, eventually, sometime, it’ll-be-here-when-it’s-ready-so-sit-down-already get Final Fantasy VIII for the PC with high resolution graphics. No word on if things like music or such will be re-done too, but just being able to play it with a better-looking Squall should help things along for interest and drive Square Enix to hopefully, hopefully, keep the process going. Maybe if this sells well, we’ll get poor Zidane from number 9 finally have his turn in the returnee spotlight too. He looks and handles great in Dissidia, and plenty of folk haven’t had a chance to play his starring game so why are we still waiting!


Don’t forget too that we’re seeing Final Fantasy X on the Vita/PlayStation 3 very soon and the game looks fantastic having been given the HD treatment.


While we’re here, enjoy some classics; the theme songs for both Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX and perhaps share with us your best memories of these sadly-cancelled remakes of titles in the comments.