Harvestella Gameplay Details

Square Enix Releases New Harvestella Screenshots and Gameplay Details

Square Enix updated the official website for Harvestella, its upcoming farming and life sim RPG, with new screenshots and gameplay details. In addition to information on the game’s farming, fishing, and relationship mechanics, the website features a host of new images depicting Nemea Town, the Town of Spring. Harvestella will release for the PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch in November 2022. [Thanks, Game Spark!]

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One of the four main locations that players in visit in Harvestella will be the town of Nemea. Located near the Seaslight of Spring, flowers blossom all year long in the town. The town’s questline revolves around a large, mysterious egg that appears on the Seaslight of Spring. There, players can meet characters such as Asyl, and Istina, a teacher of the town’s orphanage.

Players can then increase their relationship level with characters through character quests. Improving your relationship with characters can unlock new combat abilities, as well as provide reward items. It’s still unclear whether the player character will be able to date other characters.

Furthermore, Square Enix revealed the Skylancer job type, which focuses on wide-sweeping physical wind attacks. It also detailed the game’s farming and fishing mechanics. As with most farming RPGs, players will have access to both year-round and seasonal crops. Spring crops will include tomatoes, peaches, a “zucchini-cucumber”, and strawberries. Along with fish caught at various fishing points, players can choose to use them in cooking, process them to make more expensive products, or sell them for money.

You can get a better look at the various crops, quests, and gameplay details of Harvestella in the screenshots below:

Harvestella will come to the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on November 4, 2022.

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