Square Enix Reveals Xenogears Machines In Mecha Shooter Figureheads


Square Enix has released a new trailer that shows off machines from Xenogears in its upcoming online strategy mecha shooter Figureheads.


It reveals that the crossover will allow you to play as Xenogears characters including Fei Fong Wong, Elly Van Houten, Citan Uzuki, and Bart Fatima. The Xenogears mecha included in the crossover are the Weltall, the Brigander, and the Siebzahn. There will also be background music from Xenogears made available in Figureheads.


Figureheads is due to launch into an open beta in Japan in March. It supports 5v5 play with a total of 40 different mechas to choose from. You win matches by eliminating the entire enemy team or by capturing their base.

Chris Priestman