Square Enix Selling $2,100 Kingdom Hearts Chair

Square Enix Selling $2,100 Kingdom Hearts Chair
Image via Square Enix and Disney

Square Enix announced it is getting into Kingdom Hearts furniture starting with a chair. A Chesterfield sofa based on the series is now available on the Square Enix e-Store in Japan. It will cost 297,000円, which is roughly $2,130. It is expected to ship on October 28, 2023, alongside a matching rug and pillow.

This Kingdom Hearts chair is make of black fake leather. It is 675mm (26.5in) tall and 1,050mm (41in) wide. It is made by Okawa Furniture. The series Mickey Mouse ears, heart, and crown icons are stitched into it. Its arms also have the same icons embossed into the fake leather. There is also a metal plate on the bottom of the left arm that says Kingdom Hearts. Back around the 2022 Tokyo Game Show, KH13 pointed out this same Chesterfield sofa appeared.

Here’s a closer look at it:

As for the Kingdom Hearts rug and pillow, they feature similar motifs. Each one features the iconography like the crown, heart, keyblade, and Mickey Mouse ears. Both are also black. Each one will cost 11,000円 (~$79). They’re also each made of polyester. The pillow also has the phrase “may your heart be your guiding key” on the front and the game’s logo on the back.

Here’s a closer look at them:

The Kingdom Hearts Chesterfield sofa, rug, and pillow will appear in Japan on October 28, 2023. Past merchandise tied to the series involved jewelry like rings.

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