The rumors were true! Europe will get the awesome Space Invaders Extreme and Arkanoid DS this summer care of Square Enix. Sure, an announcement for North America hasn’t been made, but I doubt Square Enix is going to bring two localized games out in other regions.


More good news, the European press release mentions an “optional Paddle Controller gives analogue control just like the coin-op.” I don’t think Square Enix would mention it unless they had plans to sell it somehow. It might not be in a bundle package though. Square Enix may only have the paddle controller in their online shop or distribute it to select retailers. Details have not been announced.


The press release also explains some of the differences between the PSP and DS versions of Space Invaders Extreme.



Futuristic, techno-inspired graphic design takes SPACE INVADERS to new heights

Interactive, totally immersive sound scheme where sound effects are synchronised to match the beats of the music

Wide range of amazing new power-ups

Additional Nintendo DS version features

Play a friend with Nintendo DS Wireless Play

Challenge other players with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

High-Score table supported by Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

Share the multiplayer fun from a single cart with DS Download Play

Additional PSP version features

Play against another player via ad hoc mode

Widescreen 16×9 support

Soundtrack provided by critically acclaimed musicians and DJ’s including SUGIURUMN, WALL FIVE, DJ Aki, ATOM™ & MASAKI SAKAMOTO and ALTZ

Ah! The soundtrack of the PSP edition contains a number of popular Japanese DJs. Still, I prefer Nintendo Wi-Fi play even if tons of people cheat by disconnecting over listening to songs from Sugiurumn.

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