Square Enix Shows Off Bravely Default Features With A Handy Overview Video

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While Japan will be getting the enhanced Bravely Default: For the Sequel later this year, it was announced earlier this week that the western release will be based on the new version of the game as well. Now that we all have something to look forward to, Square Enix have uploaded a new video showing off the game’s main features.



Job Change:

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In order to acquire a new job, you’ll need to get an “Asterisk” from bosses and other enemies. There are over 20 jobs in Bravely Default, such as the more traditional Knight, Monk and White Mage, to the more advanced Magic Swordsman, Swordsmaster, and Valkyrie.


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There are over 300 abilities that you can get through leveling job classes. Furthermore, there’s a feature similar to that of Final Fantasy Tactics, called Job Command, that allows you to use abilities of other jobs while using another as a main.


Job classes also offer Support Abilities, such as Monk’s 10% HP boost, which can also be mixed and matched, further allowing you to customize characters to your liking.


Brave & Default:


Bravely Default’s battle system is a traditional command and turn-based style, with a twist, called the “Brave & Default”. The basic idea behind the system is the use of BP (Battle Points,) which acts as stock points for a character’s turn. These points are used to perform actions in combat.


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It is possible for a character to have up to four actions per turn, meaning you can have 16 actions in a single turn if you have a party of four full-Brave characters. Additionally, you can go into negative BP, and have more turns than normal, but you’ll end up having to make up for it on the next turn by having less actions.



By picking the “Default” option, your character will spend the turn defending to charge more BP, which can be added on the following turn. Strategically using this feature will come in handy (especially in boss fights,) to stock up BP, so you won’t have to worry about running out or going into negatives.


Connecting with others:

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As seen in our earlier report, you’ll get to summon your friends in Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. They can be summoned in the middle of combat, and the more you summon each other, the higher their power goes up.


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There’s also the “Abilink” system, which allows players to borrow and lend Job Abilities to registered friends. For example, let’s say you’d like to use a Super Star’s ability, but your character’s job level is too low to use it. By using the Abilink, you can borrow it from a friend who might have a high-leveled Super Star. You can register up to 4 friends at a time, and help each other complete the list of abilities.


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There’s also a Streetpass feature called Norende Village Restoration, where the goal is to recruit as many people possible through Streetpass or online connectivity to help restore the main character’s hometown.



Constructing buildings may take a while on your own, but you can speed up the process through the help of others you’ve connected with. You can create weapon and armor shops, where you’ll be able to acquire powerful items, in addition to a unique shop that allows you to customize your special attacks.


Bravely Default: For the Sequel will be coming out on December 5 in Japan, while Europe will be getting Bravely Default later this yearNorth America will see it in 2014.



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