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Square Enix Shows Torgal’s Combat Skills in Final Fantasy XVI Gameplay Video

Final Fantasy XVI Torgal

Square Enix released a new Final Fantasy XVI gameplay video through the official Japanese Twitter account introducing Torgal. Torgal is a wolf that Clive and his brother Joshua adopted as a cub when they were kids. He is Clive’s loyal partner, and he can stand his ground in combat, proving a useful ally that can attack, extend combos, launch enemies, or even heal Clive.

You can check out Torgal in action here:

Torgal is a special AI party member called a “Buddy.” He acts different from other party members that Clive will encounter, as he can receive a few set commands. These commands are Sic, Heal, and Ravage. Torgal will attack by biting the enemy when commanding him to Sic. Meanwhile, using Ravage can lead to a launcher for an extended air combo.

When combining these commands with Clive’s abilities, special combinations can be activated. As seen in the video, Clive launches a Fira spell and immediately after uses the Sic command. This makes Torgal lunge forward and perform a spinning aerial attack. After Clive follows-up by launching the enemy into the ground, he commands Torgal to Ravage, which leads to him performing a combo finisher and eliminating the enemy.

The particular combinations that appear on screen during this Final Fantasy XVI gameplay video are “Precision Sic” and “Punishing Sic.” Their activation is indicated by a sound stinger and Torgal’s icon in the bottom left of the UI lighting up.

Final Fantasy XVI is in development for the PlayStation 5, and it will launch first for PS5 on June 22, 2023. After an exclusivity period of six months, the game could release on other platforms.

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