Square Enix Starts Video Streaming Program For Japan. Will Have “Bravely” News



    For the past couples years during E3, the “Square Enix Presents” program has streamed various features, from gameplay footage, to interviews and concerts. Square Enix have now announced “Square Enix Presents Japan,” which will be a similar concept outside of E3 in Japan.


    Square Enix Presents Japan will focus on the latest information on games that are soon to be released as part of its beta version of the program, and they expect to expand its content as they go on.


    Each program will feature those in charge of the games, such as the director, producer, or others, who will appear to share an in-depth presentation of the game, along with gameplay footage, original plans, and other breaking news information before it shows up anywhere else.


    The event’s first episode that will stream on August 25 at 21:00 JST, is about “Bravely ___’s planning conference,” where Square will share the latest on Bravely Second, along with all kinds of other information on the series, and talks with members from the development team.


    The second episode will air on August 28, and will be about their Extreme Edges label that focuses on western games. The third episode will feature Final Fantasy Explorers, where Square will showcase some jobs and gameplay footage of party play.

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