Square Enix Starts Viral Crystal Bearers Campaign

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Time for another Crystal Bearers update! Spencer beat me to covering the website story, so I’m going to make sure he doesn’t get to do it again.


The Crystal Bearers website pretty much confirms the game is going to see a European as well as American release. There’s a gigantic crystal on the main page. As more people access the site, the crystal fills up. Each time it becomes full, a new piece of media is unlocked. The crystal, in the meantime, returns to its empty state and starts to fill based on the number of site hits again.


When the site opened, the Japanese trailer that came with Echoes of Time was the first piece of media that debuted with it. Now, the site has a gameplay clip available for viewing and this one is even crazier than the first segment of the previous trailer. Check it out above.


Here’s where things get interesting. The game hasn’t received an ESRB rating yet, but it has received a PEGI rating (12+). Furthermore, an e-mail has been going out from Square Enix Europe that contains screenshots and a summary of the game’s story:



Basic translation via GoNintendo: Yukes have been gone (endangered or extinct? There is one in the trailer.) for thousands of years. There is no more magic in the world. The world runs on technology created by the Lilties and crystals are now used for industrial purposes. The game is described as “open-world with realtime action” and signals a new beginning for the series.


Colour me very interested. Layle looks like a total badass, and I’m wondering what happened to the Yukes…wouldn’t it be cool if you got to wipe them out in My Life as a Darklord? Let’s hope Square puts out a speedy localization for this.


If you’re interested in getting that crystal on the site to fill faster, keep visiting this page. In the meantime, anyone up for dissecting this new clip? Perhaps Layle can control the bombs telekinetically and use them against enemies? Also, the heart-shape seems to be some sort of status effect. It was present in the previous trailer near the end as well.


But, don’t bother furiously hitting F5. Square is on to the Internet’s efforts to unlock content faster by refreshing the site handler:


Thank you for your interest in our games, guys!


Unfortunately, this is not the right way to unlock the site content.


Visiting this address will only tell our detection system you have visited this address!


In order to know more about FINAL FANTASY© CRYSTAL CHRONICLES©: The Crystal Bearers™, please bring NEW visitors to the crystal homepage. Tell your friends!


Thank you,



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