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Square Enix Is Giving Us More Reasons to Stay Home and Play

Back towards the beginning of the pandemic lockdown situation, Square Enix gave a few Tomb Raider games away for free in order to encourage folks to stay inside. The situation is, well, ongoing, and Square Enix is once again offering deals to fans in an effort to make the quarantine a little easier to get through. This time, Square Enix is doing a whole Stay Home and Play campaign, which involves multiple partnerships, freebies, deals, and more to come.

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Square Enix launched a splash page for the Stay Home and Play Campaign, which explains many of the company’s plans. Of course, the best way to stay on top of goings-on will be Square Enix’s various social media feeds. Currently, Square Enix has joined TikTok’s Small Gestures initiative, which allows TikTok users to send free gifts to friends and family. For this, Square Enix is offering its GO series of mobile games, which includes titles like Lara Croft GO and Hitman GO, for free.

The publisher will also be launching deals and bundles through Steam, and 100% of proceeds will go to food banks and other charitable organizations in North America and Europe. Square Enix is also partnering with UKIE and similar organizations to give stuff to healthcare workers during this crisis.

In this announcement Square Enix has noted its freebies so far have resulted in over 15 million downloads, so hopefully that means folks are indeed staying home and playing.

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