Square Enix Developer Teases The Next Mana And SaGa Games



Square Enix recently celebrated the SaGa series’ 25th anniversary in a collaboration project with Japan’s Saga prefecture. They also talked about wanting to make a new retail Mana game. During a recent interview, a Square Enix mobile developer teased the possibility of a new title in both series.


Takehiro Ando is a Square Enix mobile developer who has his own Famitsu feature blog, where he talks to various creators from his company about upcoming smartphone titles. During an interview with Brave Frontier producer Eiji Takahashi, Ando had a bit to share about his company’s plans for 2014 and beyond.


“There’s much more for us here at the 10th business division,” Ando exclaimed, when Takahashi talked about how 2014 will see a lot going on. “It has been decided that the second mobile division [the division Ando is the producer in] will be helping out with [the SaGa and Mana series].”


“We will be doing our best to stay true to all your memories from the Super Famicom and PlayStation era, for those of you who are saying ‘I want to play Romancing SaGa 4’ or ‘I want to play Seiken Densetsu 5!’ but that’s all I can say for now.”


(Note that “Seiken Densetsu” is the name of the Mana series in Japan.)


He continued, “With that said, we’d like to support the teams so we can release something just as beautiful as what you guys remember from the memories of your experiences in the Super Famicom and PlayStation days. In the case of SaGa, it’ll be later this year, and Mana will also be celebrating its 25th anniversary since the birth of the series, so we’d like to work hard towards them.”


Ando doesn’t specify whether the next SaGa and Mana games will be on mobile platforms or traditional consoles, but mentions that his mobile development team will be helping out with work in both respective series.


Image from Romancing SaGa 3.

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