Square Enix Issues Fake Play Arts Kai Aerith Figure Warning

Aerith Play Arts Kai

The North American branch of Square Enix Merchandise posted an important announcement on Twitter warning of fake Aerith Play Arts Kai action figures on the market. The illegitimate figures are apparently already up for sale.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Play Arts Kai Aerith Gainsborough action figure’s release date is Summer 2021, but third-party counterfeit versions are out now. Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai Aerith figure is still in production and is incomplete. If you see merchants selling the figure online, it is not official. According to the announcement, third-party counterfeit figures may be of lower quality. Square Enix urged fans to avoid purchasing through unofficial channels and to wait for the July 2021 release date.

The official Play Arts Kai Aerith figure is poseable. She will come with her rod and a basket of flowers. Aerith will also have two face pieces — a serious and intense expression, and a closed-eyes expression. Her price is $154.99 on the North American Square Enix store. Tifa already has a Play Arts Kai figure that was released earlier this year. Its original release date was November 2020, but various circumstances, such as the pandemic, delayed her and other figures.

The most recently released Final Fantasy VII Remake Play Arts Kai figure is one of Tifa. Aerith’s expected release window is July 2021.

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