Square Enix’s Arcade Card Game Series Lord of Vermilion Is Getting An Anime Adaptation



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It’s been almost 10 years since Square Enix’s arcade-based fantasy collectible card game Lord of Vermilion launched, and it is finally getting an anime adaptation with 12 episodes. [Thanks, MyAnimeList.]


The information comes from a flier that was distributed at the Kadokawa Corporation business booth at AnimeJapan.


Here’s a look at the flier, its synopsis and character details:



Set in Tokyo, it’s January 29, 2030. High-frequency resonance is observed in the vicinity of Tokyo and the red fog rolls into the city. Those who hear the sound, humans and animals alike, pass out, losing consciousness. Everything shuts down in Tokyo, believing that the fog is carrying an unknown virus that causes an epidemic. However, six days later, after the incident, people wake up as if nothing happened. After that, Tokyo’s sealed-off city sections gradually return to normal. However, since the high-frequency resonance, some “bizarre events” start to happen and people find themselves being pulled deeper into more mysteries. Meanwhile, young people start to become aware of themselves and release their power hidden in their blood, discovering themselves as “vessel of wisdom blood.” Together, being led by something unknown, they meet, communicate and face the unavoidable circle of fate, sacrificing their own lives.



  • Chihiro Kamina (Age: 20) – Sophomore, English Literature major at Jokei University. Chihiro was caught in the high-frequency resonance after Yuri called him one day. Two months later, Chihiro comes out of a coma. After going through that incident, he starts to realize that he has the “power of blood” that generated from his “arcana factor” which synchronizes with a soldier in another world. When he was little, his mother left his home and his father had already passed away. Now, Chihiro stays at Domyoji Rakan’s home, his father’s best friend and he learns swordplay at Domyoji Swordplay school as an apprentice.


  • Yuri Shiraki (Age: 20) – She is a mysterious woman who approaches Chihiro after the resonance. A daughter of Shiraki Chaebol, she hangs out with Aoi who leads a color gang called “Blue Skull.” When she was a little girl, she recognized that she had an ability of “vessel,” an ability knowing a secret that certain incidents are bound to happen in Tokyo. To stop a plan of Dux who tries to destroy the world, she conspired to kill all members of “vessels of blood” who would be the keys to stopping Dux, as her father orders her to do so. (She is also prepared to die as one of the “vessel”). However, with her arcana and gradually synchronizing herself with Angela, another-world soldier, she questions her faith to see her plan through.


  • Kotetsu Domyoji (Age: 19) –  Failed to enter the university, he is a teacher at Domyoji Swordplay school where he was born. He looks up to Chihiro, his father’s best friend’s son, as his older brother, preparing to enter Jokei University where Chihiro goes. He gets involved in the Arcana war when he was rescued by Tsubaki from attack of the color gang “Blue Skull.” He has pure characteristics, being open and honest with his feeling without hesitation despite being easily hurt. Because of that, he is worried that other people might think that he is unreliable.


  • Tsubaki Manazuru (Age: 18) – A second-generation leader of a color gang called “Syuka” that is against “Blue Skull.” Her home is “Syumiyama Shrine,” which has been opposed to a church since the Edo period and conducts wizardry called “Chingo Kokka.” Acclaimed as a genius, she serves as a miko (shrine maiden) at the shrine. She is a highly skilled miko but not keen to her family’s mission. Familiar with Marie, she meets Kotetsu when she investigates criminals after she was attacked by some of the members who are involved in a “Wolf Man case.” She is easy-going but is hard to figure out what she’s thinking, and is sometimes sarcastic. In her mind, she thinks she wants to run away from her unrevealed faith that she is destined to, longing the sunlit world.



  • Director: Eiji Suganuma (Karneval (TV)
  • Series Composition: Masashi Suzuki (Oda Nobuna no Yabou)
  • Character Design: Toshie Kawamura (Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen)
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