Square Enix’s Latest Countdown Wasn’t As… Badass As Expected



Square Enix recently opened a countdown site, and while we weren’t expecting the next The World Ends With You title, it would probably lead to a new smartphone or social game. Instead, the announcement ended up being for a collaboration between their delinquent smartphone game and a long-forgotten PS1 game. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


The game that is getting a collaboration with Spirit Yankee Soul, is Racing Lagoon, a 1999 Squaresoft game that combined street racing with RPG elements.


imagesThe screenshot shows Freddie Roberts, the American saying “I’m not interested. Good bye!”


If you’re wondering more about Spirit Yankee Soul, it’s basically a game that puts you in the role of a “Yankee,” a Japanese term for delinquents, where you’ll participate in races to prove that you’re the most badass Yankee out there.


There are also all kinds of mini-games where you run and drive down a school hallway, and another one where you fight other thugs. You can check out the game’s opening movie just to get an idea of how badass it is.


As far as what the link is between Spirit Yankee Soul and Racing Lagoon, I’m not entirely sure what it could be, but the secret is probably hidden somewhere in Square Enix’s Shinra building, where they’re brainstorming the next countdown website.


Spirit Yankee Soul is currently available for Android and will launch on iOS later this month.

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