Square Enix’s Latest Smartphone Game Involves Bears, A Bunch Of Bears



Square Enix’s latest smartphone game isn’t about saving the world or gathering crystals, but rather, about creating the legendary “Bear Paradise,” where you’ll do everything to make bears happy.


The above is a look at Kuma Para, or Bear Paradise. In this game, you’ll  need to create a paradise ofr the bears while fulfilling all of their requests to bring happiness. All of their voices are performed by Tetsuya Kakihara.




The game lets you create bear teams to send out to explore and bring back ingredients to create some of the 100 types of items that Kuma Para offers.. These can then be used to make all kinds of costumes for the bears.



The clothing is more than just looks, as it also provides various stats that will come in handy for taking on missions.



With multiplayer, you’ll get to go shopping at a friend’s store, send each other presents, or visit special exploration areas that you’ll get to explore together.




Players that start now will get a special “Yellow Aloha Clothes” as a bonus. Additionally, there’s a special “Clothes Bag” that features 10 different costumes that you can get for playing now.


Square Enix also announced a collaboration with Sanrio Characters, so we’ll likely see some Hello Kitty, Badz-Maru, and other character costumes appear in the near future.


Kuma Para is currently available in Japan for smart phone. It is free-to-play with micro-transactions.

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